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It's Halloween Party Prep Time!

Although you wouldn't be able to tell by the recent stretch of warm weather we've been experiencing, Halloween is right around the corner! Room Parents and/or teachers have likely sent out an email with details of what your child's class will be doing to celebrate... and possibly a request for volunteers or food contributions.

Whether it's a game, a craft, or halloween themed healthy snacks, we've got you covered! Check out these 4 tips for a successful Classroom Party.

1. Keep it Healthy:

If you're new to the school district or just need a refresher, be sure to check out the Wellness Guidelines for Classroom Celebrations.

2. Get Creative:

You can get sucked in for hours, I know, but Pinterest has some of the best ideas out there. Check out the ones we've compiled here and then do your own browsing....

3. Make it fun:

Crafts for the little ones and games for the older kids always seem to be a big hit. I've found some quick and easy crafts at Micheals (go armed with a coupon from their website). A quick google search (or, if you're still buried in Pinterest, search there too!) for "minute to win it games for kids" will yield you plenty of results. As always, use common sense and make sure games and crafts are age appropriate and time sensitive.

4. Enlist Help and Be Organized:

If you're a Room Parent, make sure your Sign Up includes a section asking for volunteers! Don't go it alone. If your party idea requires assistance from the teacher, make sure he or she is prepped in advance. If you're bringing food in for the party, remember (and be sure to remind your volunteers) to bring food at the time of the party as refrigerator space is limited. All food has to be checked for allergies so please bring it to the office first.

Enjoy! Happy Halloween!!

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