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Events, Fundraisers, and Enrichment Programs


What does the PTO do? The short answer.... ALOT! We host several events throughout the year, we sponsor a number of Enrichment Programs that our children participate in throughout the school year, and we raise valuable funds that support our students, our teachers and our community!



Upcoming PTO Events

Enrichment Programs

10/4 - 10/5: Bubble Mania!

"BubbleMania: Science, Art & Comedy!"

An extremely popular assembly, Casey combines polished entertainment with high quality visual art and practical, age appropriate science. All ages learn how bubbles form, why they're spherical, how to make a cube bubble and the science of bubble bursting - each topic related to the physical laws of the natural world. Older grades learn to appreciate practical applications of diverse bubbles in everyday life (soccer balls to air bags) and are actively involved in fun demonstrations of molecular bonding and surface tension. Over 3000 school assemblies presented since 1990.


PTO Fundraisers


Egg My Yard!


Parents Night Out 2024

Cookie Dough & Cake Rolls Fundraiser

2/12 - 3/1/24

School Kids

Spirit Wear Sale

Past PTO Events

Family Fun Day Duck Race.pdf (1).jpg

Family Fun Day

Sat. May 6


Butterbraid Fundraiser

Fall 2023

Science Class

Learning Fair

Wed. March 29

Untitled design (68)_edited.jpg

Scholastic Book Fair

Fall 2023

Fancy DJ

Parent's Night Out

Sat. March 11

6-9:30 PM

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