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School Supply Drive- Here's How You Can Help!

The PTO is organizing a school supply drive at all 3 schools....

Our teachers are running low on every day supplies and with lack of funding, they are not easily replaceable. Let’s come together and help our schools get the tools they need for our students to succeed!

The supply drive will run from Friday, November 17th-Friday, December 8th. Please see below for the supply lists. All supplies can be sent to school with your child.

Thank you for your continued support!

Supplies Needed:

Antolini School

magnetic clips


1 3/8" x 1 7/8" post its

recess balls (3 1/2" smoosh balls, odd balls, 6" dodgeballs, frisbees)

three ring notebooks 2"

masking tape

heavy hold magnets

1" binders

1/2" binders

flip chart markers

pencils #2 (nothing with patterns or designs)

NHES/Bakerville Supply List

sidewalk chalk


masking tape 1"

small size packaged girls/boys underwear (nurse)

strong magnets

magnetic tape

velco-strips and dots (lots)

scotch tape (lots)

glue sticks

manila folders

sandwich bags (ziploc)

gallon size bags (ziploc)

flipchart paper (ruled , not grid)

scotch clear, heavy duty packing tape

pencils #2 (nothing with patterns or designs)

butcher paper (for doors)

star stickers

laminating pouches(letter size,legal size and menu size)

dry erase markers

poster markers (different colors)

felt tip markers (papermate flair black mostly, multicolors)

extra large sticky notes 6x8

regular sticky notes 3x3

dry erase erasers for little hands(not board size for teachers)

card stock (white)

white out

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